Best Ladies Golf Clubs for 2020

Over the years, golf leagues have changed from only men to both men and women taking part in championships to enjoying the sports for leisure. As the woman has a different physique than men, they need a special golf club made for their gender.

This is where our best ladies golf clubs for 2020 comes in handy as a standard golf club set consists of 3 woods, 7 irons, 2 wedges and a putter. Compared to the men’s golf club set a female golf club set has more hybrids as they are not difficult to use as a traditional iron giving you the best available of both worlds.

The other significance of a woman’s golf club is the shafts made with graphite, is lighter, and facilitates softer with a better flex to add power at impact without you needing to swing hard or fast. The shaft is shorter and flexible and available in two labels the “L” and “A.”

The L label is flex, springy and difficult to control compared to the A label that is less flexible and both are suitable to swing below 80mph speeds. The grip size is smaller and has a higher loft with a 13-degree and the driver heads smaller.

Listed here you can find the best golf clubs reviewed for the beginner to professional women golf player.

Review of the Best Golf Club Sets for Women

In no particular order, this is our review of the best golf sets available on the market for women.

Callaway Women’s Strata Ultimate Complete Golf Set

Callaway Women's Strata Ultimate Complete Golf Set (16-Piece, Right Hand, Graphite)If you are in need of distance and forgiveness when playing golf, the Callaway Strata is a complete set of golf clubs including the bag. The drivers made with titanium that is superb for making long shots off the tee. Has a lenient fairway wood to make high-flying shots as it has an aerodynamically shaped head.

The hybrids, irons, and wedges use high flight technology to deliver distance and control and the hybrids and irons made from stainless steel. For better accuracy and distant to sink more putts the putter has a face milling design.

The stand bag is lightweight and stylish with a fashionable modern look. Further, the bag has ample pockets, a carry strap and tee holders.


  • The set looks great and not too flashy
  • The golf clubs are light
  • The grip is comfortable
  • The loft is good and consistent when used
  • Amazing 16-piece set


  • The club heads bruise easily
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The Wilson ULTRA Complete Golf Club Set for Women

Wilson Golf Women's Ultra Package Set, Right Hand, WhiteFor a great beginner golfing set, the Wilson ULTRA stands out for all the right reasons when in need golf clubs for women. The set has a stunning purple design and comes complete with a driver, 4 hybrids, and 3 Fairway Wood, putter, and irons 5-PW.

You can buy the set for both lefts- and right-handed and the bag has ample pockets with a handle to carry around on the field. The bag is lightweight and great when walking for long distances. The drivers have a nice oversized club feature with a solid shaft and reasonable club visage.

This is a perfect set and the putter is basic the only concern is that the bag does not have a kickstand.


  • Great for beginners as you receive a nice set of golfing clubs
  • The bag looks classy
  • The oversized club feature makes it easier for beginners to make contact
  • The clubs have a solid build
  • Affordable


  • Bag does not include a stand but has ample pockets
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The Knight XV II Complete Women’s Golf Set

Knight XV II Women's Right Handed All Graphite Ladies Flex Complete Golf Set Package (Driver, 3 Fairway Wood, 4/5 Hybrid, 6-PW, Putter, Bag)

The majority of golf club sets is available for both left- and right-handed, but the Knight XV II women’s set is only available for right-handed people.

This is a great starter set for any lady golfer as the set comes complete with a flex driver, 3 Fairway Wood, 4/5 Hybrid, putter, iron 6-PW, and bag. The driver has a graphite shaft while the putter is perimeter weighted. The driver and wood are equipped with head covers and the bag matches with the golf clubs in a stylish purple and black color.

The bag has tons of storage space with a compartment top that is graphite safe. In the bag, there is a massive garment pocket, ample accessory pockets, golf ball pockets, umbrella holder and carry handle.


  • Suitable for the less picky golfer
  • Adds great distance to your game
  • You can carry the bag or use it in a cart
  • Great value
  • The grips of the clubs are perfectly aligned with markings showing you where to place your hand
  • Lightweight
  • The set included everything you need
  • The bag has tons of storage space


  • The bag does not include a stand
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The Tour Edge Lady 16-Piece Lady Golf Set

Tour Edge Women's 2014 Lady Edge Set, Right Hand, Graphite, Ladies, 6-PW,SW, 1

If you need the best ladies golf club set, make sure to look at the Tour Edge Lady 16-piece golf set that includes a cart bag. Choose from 6 different colors; lime, teal, plum, white/purple, white, and white/plum.

Choose your selection of golf clubs from different drivers, hybrids, and woods. Included you get high-lofted drivers for making distance shots with accuracy. The Fairway woods have a low profile and low CG for ease of launch.

The irons oversized and made of stainless steel with an undercut cavity and heel-toe weighting. There is a mallet style putter with easy-to-use alignment helping you with accuracy and high MOI. Headcovers are included for the driver, hybrids, and Fairway woods.

The bag is a deluxe cart bag and includes a graphite shaft toes with a lifetime warranty. The loft degree is 15 and the lie degree is 59 and has a length of 43.5-inches.


  • The clubs are lightweight
  • Add extra yards to your drive with the oversized head
  • Great quality and affordable
  • Amazing colors to choose from
  • Suitable for the beginner golf player


  • They are great for starting out playing golf but minor complaints are the paint cracks and peels
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The Cobra Golf Fly Z Women’s Golf Club Set

For complete women’s golf set the Cobra Golf Fly Z  include everything you need. The sets made up of 8 pieces for the female golfer and best to use for the seasoned golfer for distance, clemency, and feel   .

This beginner A-grade set includes 7 golf clubs with the cart bag. For increased ball speeds and hitting off center hits with consistency, it has E9 Zone Face technology. The back CG weighting delivers accurate low spin, mid-high launches, and a higher MOI.

The drivers made from titanium, the weights strategically positioned, and the MyFly8 technology allows you to choose eight adjustable loft/trajectory settings for distance while the SmartPad gives you a square face at address.


  • Interacts with the turf well
  • Solid build
  • Creates a great distance
  • The grips are perfect
  • The included bag has ample storage


  • More options to customize the shaft will be great
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Final Thoughts

For women wanting to take up golf as competitive sports or for leisure, you need the correct equipment to get started. With our best ladies golf clubs for 2019, you can buy a complete set with all the correct clubs to start playing golf.

Choose the best set to fit your physical stature, get on the fairway, and start making the perfect shot.