Best Kids’ Golf Club Sets: Build a Champ with these Amazing Collections

Has your child taken an interest in playing golf?

Then you need the best kids’ golf club set to get them started.

There is a popular saying, “If you want to be perfect in anything, you need to start young.” Kid golf clubs have a different design compared to adults and children need a unique shape and size best suited for their body.

By viewing our selection of the finest golf club sets reviewed here, you can make an informative decision when choosing a golf club for your child to build a champion for the future. Each golfing sets highly recommended by different users and made from premium materials.

Whether he or she plays with their right or left hand, each product can accommodate their practice needs. The golf club sets run from a smaller sized club up to an adult one and best to view the sizing available, making sure you get the best one for your kids’ needs.

Reviews of the Best Golfer Club Sets

No matter if, your child needs their first golfing club or in a more advanced one – you can find the perfect golfer club sets here suitable for their golfing needs.

Golfing Sets for the Beginner Kids Aged 3 – 5

The Littlest Golfer Clubset: Kids Golf Clubs w/Golf Grips

The Littlest Golfer Clubset: Kids Golf Clubs w/Golf Grips That Teach Proper Swing Technique - Right Hand 3-5 Years

If you need a perfect golfing set for your child starting out in the sports, you need the Littlest Golfer Club set. This club set is available for both left and right-handed aged 3 to 5 years. The set helps them build a perfect swing with the grip technology found in the clubs.

They will learn how to grip the golf club the correct way to make a perfect swing while practicing with club loft balls. These great golf balls get higher in the air the better they become at it. The balls made from foam and are safe to use indoors and outdoors.

The complete set consists of a “Sunday Bag” with ample space to keep the 23.5” driver, 22.5” 7 iron, and 18.5” putter neatly packed away. There is a zippered side pocket to keep the balls safely stored away. The 7 iron has an LGT grip moulded for a kids’ hand with deep grooves helping their small hands to find a perfect grip.

While the putter has a classic grip and as an extra, you receive an alignment rod to help your child hit straight. You receive an instructional DVD and the golf clubs have “L” and “R” for showing placement for the left or right thumb.


  • The thumb placement helps with the correct clubface direction and grip
  • Child can grow with this golfing set
  • The included bag and balls are great
  • Gives hours of entertainment as well


  • The logo on the bag wears off quickly
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Paragon Rising Star Golf Club Set

Paragon Rising Star Junior Kids Golf Training Club/Ages 8-10 Green/Right-Handed

Is your child right-handed and interested in playing golf? They are! Great then you can look at the Paragon Rising Star Golf Club Set suitable for children aged 3 – 5. The sets available in red and includes a Lofted Fairway Wood with a matching headcover.

There is an oversized Wide-Sole Iron, Mallet Style Putter and everything comes packed in a matching carry bag. The complete set has the best weight, flex, and shaft length to help your child improve their swing speed. For maximum forgiveness, the driver has a titanium construction while the wide-sole irons made with stainless steel for gravity and center.

The shafts made with graphite and the complete golf club set has a lifetime-limited warranty.


  • Affordable
  • Great starter golf club set
  • Well built


  • The bag does not stand by itself upright
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Junior Golf Sets For Kids Aged 3 – 12

INTECH Future Tour Golf Set

Intech Future Tour Junior Golf Set (Age 6 to 11)

The INTECH Future Tour Golf Sets designed for the beginner aged 6 – 12. The combo includes an oversized 15° driver to help your child achieve great distance with a head cover. The driver has a mirrored finished with a cavity back and wide sole.

Further, you receive a 5 & 9 iron to use on the fairway with a ceramic face junior putter all packed into a lightweight nylon bag that is collapsible. The clubs have composite graphic shafts and you receive a one-year warranty. The Future Tour combos available for right-hand orientation.

The Fairway driver measures 35”, the 5 Iron 32”, the 9 Iron 30”, and the Putter 27.5” and will make for a great beginner set.


  • Great customer service
  • Excellent price
  • Suitable for ages up to 11
  • Bag has ample storage space
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Tour Edge HT Max Golf Set

Tour Edge HT Max-J Set (Junior's, Ages 9-12, 5 Club Set, Right Handed, with Bag)

For the daughter in your life who loves pink and wanting to try her hand at golf, choose the Tour Edge HT Max for aged 3 – 12. The set includes a powerful 350cc driver with an easy to use iron with a mallet style putter.

This is a 3-club set and the 15° drivers made with titanium and include a headcover. The driver, 7/8 iron, and putter are packed in a stand bag. The shaft has a graphite build and helps them to get the ball airborne. Further, the wood and hybrids made of stainless steel.

The included bag has ample storage space and lightweight enough to carry. The other great thing is the set includes a limited lifetime warranty.


  • Looks like a mini version of full sized clubs
  • The set includes everything a child needs


  • Kids can outgrow the set quickly
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The Callaway Boys XJ Golfing Club Set

For building a junior golf pro you need the best kids’ golf club set. This is where the Callaway Boys XJ Golfing Club Set will get your son started in becoming a professional player.

This combo is suitable for kids aged 9 – 12 and is designed for right-hand players. You also receive a 360cc driver that is both lightweight and has large hitting area. For getting the ball in the air, the Fairway Wood and Hybrids specially designed for this purpose.

This is an amazing golf set that also has a stand bag with a 5-way top, 5 pockets with zips, a double strap, rain hood, and water bottle holder. Extra you receive packed in the bag with the driver, fairway wood, and hybrid you also get the 7 & 9 iron, sand wedge, and putter.

The sand wedge is a 54° one that gives your child impressive control.


  • The golf set grows with your child
  • Available in different colors
  • Include everything needed for the starter golfer
  • The bag is superb


  • Can be a bit expensive
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Intech Lancer Junior Golf Club Set

Intech Lancer Junior Golf Club Set (RH Orange Ages 8-12)

Do you want your kid to excel at golf? You do then the INTECH Lancer golf set for aged 8 – 12 is perfect. This top of the range golfing set has lofted clubs with flexible shafts.

The sets made up of a 17.5° driver, 4/5 Hybrid Iron, Junior Putter, Headcovers, and a Wide Sole 7 & 9 Iron. You receive everything packed in a durable stand bag featuring a 4-way top with a carry strap. You can buy the set in both left and right-handed orientation and the shafts are soft with graphite.

The lengths are as follow: the Fairway Driver 37”, the Hybrid 34”, 7 Iron 33”, 9 Iron 32” and the Putter 29.5” and will help your child start playing golf the correct way.


  • Great beginner set
  • Superb quality
  • Good value for the price


  • Would be great if the manufacturer included a longer iron
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Great Golfing Clubset for Kids’ aged 13+

Wilson Golf Profile JGI Junior Complete Golf Set


Wilson Golf Profile JGI Junior Complete Golf Set — Small, Red, Right Hand

The Wilson Complete Package Golf Set will get your child playing like a pro golfer in no time. This combo is perfect for right-handed boys and has a standard grip.

For an exceptional level of performance, the shafts made with graphite. For the beginner, this is an amazing set that comes packed in a durable bag with side pockets. Included in the set there is an array of golf clubs to get your son interested in playing the sports.

The sets made up of a Driver, 2 Cavity-Back Irons, Hybrid, Putter, and Blade-Style Wedge. You can buy the golfing club set in three different aged recommendations from medium (ages 7-10), small (ages 4-7), and large (ages 10-13.)


  • The shafts made with light graphite and strong
  • Different sizing options available
  • Includes six golf clubs with a bag


  • Can only be used by right-handed golf players
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Final Thoughts

If you want to encourage your child’s golfing techniques you need the best kid’s golf club set to help them develop this skill.

With the top set reviewed here, you can help your toddler to junior practice their swing and in no time, they will be swinging with full force.

And as they grow you can get them a more advanced golf set, accessories to improve their game.