The Best Hybrid Golf Clubs for 2020

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One of the exquisite halfway wood-type golf clubs that cover soaring distances is the hybrid. These clubs you can buy in different varieties. However, if you need evenness in making the perfect shot choose the best hybrid golf clubs for 2019 reviewed here.

If you want to replace the long iron, you can find compact hybrids to add height where you need it the most. These golf clubs are adjustable to dial in the long game gaps for distance. You can buy hybrids with face-flexing distance technology and others have internal weighting.

No matter what golfer you are from a beginner to professional, you can find a specific model to reach the green for uncomfortable shots making it less painful and bearable.

So if you want to make that high and long shot choose one of the best golf hybrids reviewed here.

Reviews of the Best Hybrid Golf Clubs

Make the perfect shot without having to use a longer or short golf club. How with the hybrid as the best tool and will not disappoint you.

The Callaway X2 Hot Hybrid for MenCallaway Men's X2 Hot Hybrid, Left Hand, Graphite, Regular, 19


The Callaway X2 Hot hybrid for men has a thin speed face to deliver fastball speeds resulting in consistent longer shots. With the internal club, weighing it gives max forgiveness and reduces hooks and miss hits making your shot straighter.

Further, it has a precise loft, CG, and sole design making them easy to use when hit giving you high launching shots that are accurate. The clubs versatile and gives you confidence when needed the most. For the tour player, the hybrid has more iron to give you confidence when playing the ball.

The hybrids compact allowing you to shape your shot and packed with amazing technology to perform like a fairway wood. For a high launch, the X2 Hot hybrid is perfect making your hit easier. For a better feel and control, the hybrid has an Ultralight graphite shaft.

The golf club is available for both left handed – and right-handed with different lofts that range from 19° to 28°. The standard length of the golf club varies from 38-inches to 40.50-inches.


  • The hybrid allows you to get the ball up in the air with ease
  • Ball goes far and straight
  • Helps to reach long par 5s
  • Good price
  • Gives you excellent control and available in a stunning blue matrix shaft
  • Helps increase swing speed


  • You still need to put in a swing on the golf club and the hybrid does the rest

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The Cobra 3-4 W Bio Cell Hybrid for Men

Cobra Men's 3-4 W Bio Cell Hybrid Club, Right Hand, Graphite, Stiff, BlackThe Cobra 3-4 W Bio Cell Hybrid available for men has MyFly8 technology with a SmartPad. There are 8 adjustable settings for distance, trajectory, and those annoying yardage gaps. The club’s made from thin strong forged steel with face inserts.
For a larger and faster zone to deliver maximum distance with high launch and a low spin, the hybrid has Bio Cell and E9 technology. With the neutral/draw, weighting it allows you to square the face at impact delivering a long and straighter shot from the fairway.

You can buy the Cobra hybrid with different shaft flexes, head colors, and lofts. The flex Bio Cell shaft is stiff and has a Lambkin grip so there is no need of gripping too tight. It adjusts from 19° to 22° and a length of up to 40.25-inches.


  • Well balanced
  • Easy to control the club heads direction
  • Gives audible feedback with a “ting” sound
  • Look like a wood but does not hit like one
  • Adjusting the loft and curve is a superb feature making it versatile to use
  • Has three draw settings
  • Offer a lot of control with good results
  • Includes a torque wrench and instruction book
  • Available in five different colors for left- and right-handed


  • You get used to hitting long shots all the time but is great

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The TaylorMade R15 Rescue for Men
TaylorMade Men's R15 Rescue Hybrid, Left Hand, Stiff, 3-19

For tour-inspired clubs, the TaylorMade R15 is one of the best hybrid golf clubs you can buy this year. With the smaller footprint, it enables you to get a better playability from more lies. The hybrids built with a Fujikura Speeder 77 Evolution shaft and have a Lamkin UTX Grip.

For neutral ball flight, the golf club has a compact shape offering you versatility and the central center gravity positions perfect. With the open-channel speed pocket, it helps improve you launch condition and has a 3° loft sleeve to dial the club for a perfect distance.

The hybrid has a D4 swing weight and available for left- and right-hand with included head cover. Further, the Rescue 15 has a white crown with a black face that helps align the club


  • Suitable for both low and high handicap range
  • Easy to hit with on a fairway or out on the ruff
  • Good for longer par 3s
  • Can adjust it up or down
  • Designed with a solid build


  • Adjustment tool not included

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The Adams Tight Lies HybridAdams Golf Tight Lies 5 Hybrid Clubs, Right Hand, Senior Flex

For hitting higher ball speeds giving you an increased forgiveness the Adams Tight Lies Hybrid has everything you need with the ghost slot technology. This equipment keeps the crown slot hidden. The golf club has a low profile with upside down design to give a large impact.

The Tri-level sole help reduces turf interaction for the best performance out of any lie. Found on the sole the blue polymer inserts noticeable and prevents dirt from getting in. For greater flex, the slot is wider at each end and reduces the reduction in the ball speed when making center hits.

The hybrid is suitable to use for a low to high handicap range and available for both lefts- and right-handed. The loft available on the left-handed club is 19° and 22° while the right-handed loft is 17°, 19°, 22°, 25°, and 28°.

The golf club is made of durable steel with a D2 swing weight and has a graphite Mitsubishi Rayon KuroKage shaft.


  • You hit straight with this club
  • Good control
  • Good loft shots
  • Even with your poor hits they end up decent
  • Great for hitting 220-yard shots
  • Easy to use
  • Perfect replacement for long irons

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The Callaway XR Hybrid for Men

Callaway Golf Men's XR Hybrid Rescue Club, 3(19 Graphite Senior Flex Shaft

The Callaway XR Hybrid for men they have changed the design to allow for transferring more speed to the wall when hit. They have redesigned the internal standing wave in the head to move the weight low and forward for generating added ball speed.

Further, it has an 8% increase in the MOI and the tall face has a variable face thickness giving a CT 225 – 242 generating a 2mph ball speed. The head of the hybrid has a great size, sits well behind the ball, and does not have a big offset.

For low to high handicap ranges, the Callaway XR is perfect, available for both left-, and right-handed. The material used to make the club is steel and has two swing weights D1 and D3. The shaft is a Project X SD made with graphite.


  • Well balanced
  • Great alternative to the 4 – 6 iron
  • Versatile to use and gives varying distances
  • Gives a high trajectory with soft landing

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Our Final Thoughts And Recap

As you have noted there are different golf clubs available and choosing, the best hybrid golf club in 2019 has got a little easier with the reviews we did.

We hope you find one suited for your budget and needs to make the perfect shot as each of these brands gives you versatility whether you are a beginner or professional.