Best Golf Pride Grips: 2020 Hot List

One of the overlooked pieces of equipment found in a golf bag is the golf grip. Research shows that a player regularly changes the ball, driver, putter, and even the shoes.

However, have you ever thought about your grip? The grip is the only part of the golf club you touch and is very important to find the correct one.

You want to ensure your grip is clean and best suited for your type of play – this is where this hot list of the best Golf Pride Grips will help you achieve this. As you know, the grip on your golf club is made of rubber as it is easy to form and gives your hand a firm feel.

In a rush?

The Multi-Compound Platinum Grip is our top choice

However, there are other materials used to make grips from Elastomer, Plastic, and Silicon. Then you have corded grips made with a fiber texture adding traction while holding it and great to use in hot and rainy weather.

The downside of these golf grips is that they do become uncomfortable.

On the other hand, you also get the Wrap golf grip made of leather with strips of material wrapped around the shaft and give a tacky touch.

So what grip is the right one for you?

We recommend the Golf Pride Grip for many different reasons. To find out more stay a little longer and read our Golf Pride Grip reviews here.

Best Golf Pride Grip Today

When you ask a pro golfer what is important to them when it comes to golf they will tell you it is important to have the right grip.

One of the elite providers in grips is Golf Pride and they have provided professionals with a series of amazing golf grips throughout the years.

If you are interested in buying your golf clubs the best golf grip looks at the following Golf Pride collections reviewed here.

Golf Pride Mcc Plus 4 Grip

Golf Pride Mcc Plus 4 Grip Red Standard

For a larger grip, Golf Pride has removed the tapering in most grips and replaced them with four “wraps” found underneath the lower hand. This you can see in the MCC plus 4 grips that has a new multi-compound design and they use a Brushed Cotton Technology to create a soft feel.

The golf grips you can buy in an array of color and sizes ranging from Men’s standard to Midsize. For a more powerful swing, the lower hand diameter has the added wraps for a lessened grip pressure. On the upper hand, the brushed cotton cord wicks away moisture.

The lower hand has high-performance rubber to increase the feel and responsiveness while the micro-texture increases traction and makes your club comfortable to hold.


  • Gives a consistent feel when used in different clubs
  • Good value
  • Great replacement for old grips


  • Some of the grips do not fit the club and best to make sure to read the size chart
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Golf Pride CP2 Wrap Golf Grips

Golf Pride CP2 Wrap Golf Grips

For reducing torque and giving you more control during the swing, you need the Cp2 Wrap Grip. You can choose from three sizes, jumbo, midsize, and standard.

The inner controller core is 2.5-inches and helps with the reduction of torque and the straighter taper has a larger lower hand. This helps to promote an even and light grip for a great swing. The grips made of soft rubber for maximum control and comfort.


  • Easy to install
  • Feel good
  • Gives excellent control


  • Feels a bit fatter under the lower hand for some golfers
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Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G Midsize White Golf Grips

Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G Midsize White Golf Grips

The Tour Wrap 2G Golf Pride Grip you can buy in two sizes midsize and standard. The golf club grip has a softer structure with enhanced tackiness for a better feel.

This is a one-piece wrap grip with a combination of leather and rubber giving you the firmest grip for feedback once you strike the ball. The grip weighs 50A grams and is .600-inches and with the tacky feeling and helps when holding the club in the hand.

Further, the grip helps you to loosen up your grip and prevents you from gripping the club too tight. Even installing the grip is easy and you can buy a grip installation kit such as the New Brampton Kit to help you out.


  • Grips tacky to the touch
  • The club feels great in the hand
  • Loosens up your grip
  • Easy to install


  • Can be slippery when it’s wet
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Tour Wrap 2G Midsize Black Golf Grips

Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G Midsize Black Golf Grips

Golf Pride remains the leader in Golf Club Grips and once can see this in their Tour Velvet Grip. Professionals and amateurs like this grip as it gives them a great feel and adds durability to their golf club.

The surface pattern on the Tour Velvet is computer designed for a non-abrasive and soft feel. For consistent traction giving your golf club, a grabby feel the surface textures moderate to consistent traction. The grip is .580-inches and weighs 50 grams.

You can choose from two sizes NULL and Midsize and available in the color black.


  • Good feel
  • No-nonsense grip
  • Easy to install
  • Great to use on a sand wedge


  • Not great to use when they do get wet
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New Decade Multicompound (MCC) Blue Golf Grips

Golf Pride New Decade Multicompound (MCC) Blue Golf Grips

For an array of golf club grips, the Decade Multi-Compound has five available colours black/blue, black/orange, black/white, red, and white.

The Decade grip has a black velvet cord in the upper hand area for optimal control that both amateurs and professionals find helpful when swinging their clubs. The grips made for the best hybrid hold as the rubber and cord give the club grip a great look and feel.

The great thing about the grip is it has all-weather control while the soft material found on the lower hand has a core 60 for control and responsiveness. The grip weighs 46.5g and the black/blue is a new addition to the collection of Golf Pride grips.


  • No need of gripping down hard for a full speed swing
  • The chord adds extra grip and does not hurt the hands
  • Easy to install


  • Easy to install but you may need the use of an air compressor
  • Can be considered expensive for some users but worth spending your money on
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The Multi-Compound Platinum Grip

 Another choice for the best Golf Pride grip is the Multi-Compound Platinum which you can buy in five colours and three sizes Platinum Series Standard, Midsize, and Standard.

The golf club grip has a yielding black velvet thread in the top section and helps with moisture control. This is an all-weather grip with a supple rubber in the base section giving it an unbelievable texture and response. The grip weighs 49.5A grams and scored 3/5 for comfort, 4/5 for feedback, 5/5 for durability, and 4/5 for a wet grip.


  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Great grip if it rains
  • Looks cool
  • Wide selection of colours
  • The cord helps with moisture management


  • The grip is not available in an oversize
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Golf Pride MCC Plus4 Midsize Gray Golf Grips

Golf Pride MCC Plus4 Midsize Gray Golf Grips

The MCC Plus4 Midsize Grip you can buy in the colour gray and blue and weighs 66 grams. The grip has a round shape and known as a hybrid grip.

The lower hand section is 4.6% larger and made of soft rubber giving you a lighter grip pressure, increased power, and reduced tension. Further, the club grip gives you an enhanced feel while the upper hand materials made of a soft compound and Brushed Cotton Cord.

The other great thing is the grip has all-weather control and great when used in a club for stability in the downswing.


  • Helps to prevent the roll of your right wrist with a downswing
  • Great to use with larger hands
  • Makes your old set of clubs look brand new


  • Can feel a bit slick as if it has baby powder on it at times
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Final Thoughts

To ensure a perfect grip that is clean using the best Golf Pride grip will help you achieve this.

These golf grips reviewed here are made of durable material and Golf Pride use the latest technology, making sure you have a lighter grip pressure, reduced tension and have an increased grip.

Is your old golf club grips tacky then try one of these out you will not be disappointed? You can slo find other great golf grips here