The Best Golf GPS Watch for 2020

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Are you a golfer, you may have the latest golf rangefinder or the best hybrid in your bag. However, did you know Golf GPS devices are the new kid on the block?

These small wearables help you to know what the finer points of the course are before you play.

This is where having a list of the best golf GPS watch for 2020 is a handy information. Many golfers are changing from the traditional rangefinder to the GPS ones available.

Having the correct details available for the course you are playing on has different benefits, especially when they are easily accessible on a watch.

Using a watch is more compact and available at all times on your wrist. Here with us, you will find the best PGA tour watches reviewed making your selection easier.

Reviews of the Best GPS Golf Watches

The main advantage of investing your money on a top range GPS golf watch is you will have first-hand knowledge of hazard information on overhead maps obstructing the hole, and helps you to choose the right club to make the best shots.

Bushnell Neo Ion 2 Golf GPS Watch

Bushnell Neo Ion 2 Golf GPS Watch, Black/Blue

The Bushnell Neo Ion comes preloaded with more than 35,000 courses available globally. The GPS watch has a sleek design and comfortable to wear. The accessory you can buy in a charcoal colour and serves well for wearing all day.

For distance to enjoy playing simpler golf the Neo Ion has an excellent battery life use to play over three rounds of golf. Reading back, center and front distances made easy for you to read on the display of the watch. Further, it has amazing features from hazard/layup distances up to four per hole, auto hole advance, auto course recognition and built-in step counter.

The odometer is round, has a shot distance calculator, and requires no membership or download fees when updating the device. The lithium battery included you can recharge and the dual injected band is made from silicone to fit comfortably on the wrist.

Included with your purchase you receive the charger and user manual. You receive a one-year limited warranty and the watch is legal to use in tournaments.


  • Easy setup
  • Recognizes courses easily
  • Has an accurate yardage back/front/middle
  • Strap is comfortable
  • Excellent battery life
  • Charges quick
  • Quick access to hazards
  • GPS works well

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Garmin Approach S2 GPS Golf Watch with Worldwide Courses

Garmin Approach S2 GPS Golf Watch with Worldwide Courses (Black)As with the previous model, the Garmin Approach S2 has more than 30,000 maps of courses available worldwide with FREE lifetime course updates. Update the watch four times a year and view the CourseView updater for the latest maps. You can buy this GPS golf watch in four stylish colors black/green, black/red, purple/white, and white/gray.

The watch has a high-sensitive GPS receiver for excellent signal strength to track under trees. The battery life lasts up to three weeks used in watch mode and 8-hours in GPS mode. You receive accurate yardages to the back, middle, and front of the green.

For improving usability for a complete hole, it gives you the layup and dogleg distances. The Approach S20 calculates the exact yardage for the shots you play anywhere on the course. Store your scorecard to print later. If you are looking for an odometer to count, the distance you walked this is not the model to buy it is not included.

For charging the battery or connecting the device to your computer, the USB cables included. With the sleek design, you can wear this timepiece throughout the day. The wearable is water-resistant up to 10 meters and has an automatic alarm, date, and time.

The nice thing is the golf GPS watch has a high-resolution display and sunlight readable. Included with the watch you received the manual and data/charging clip, lithium battery with a one-year warranty.


  • Has a solid build
  • Charges quickly
  • The strap is comfortable
  • Reading the screen is fine even in the bright sun
  • GPS is fast and holds the satellite
  • Small design and lightweight
  • Easy to read
  • Holds distance well

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The Callaway GPSy Watch

Callaway GPSy Golf Watch, Black

For more than 30,000 golf course maps worldwide, the Callaway GPSy watch provides you with what you need without paying fees. Choose from two color styles black or white. For accurateness in measuring distances to the green, doglegs, and hazards, this is the best golf GPS watch on the market.

The timepiece automatically finds the course as you play with the auto-advance feature. Reade distances from the back, center, and front of the green. You can view the layup and carry distances to a hazard and the doglegs on the 1.28-inch display screen.

Choose right golf club with ease to hit your next shot with ease and confidence. Keep score with the scorekeeper, measure your shot distance, GIR, putts per round, and auto-hole advance with this amazing gadget. The battery lasts up to 12-hours when used in GPS mode and more than 90 days in time mode.

Automatically set the date and time as it has both analog and digital display. Count the distance walked with the odometer and recharges the included lithium battery. Further, you receive a 1-year limited warranty.


  • Lightweight
  • Accurate yardage
  • Cool design
  • Can use as for time only
  • Gives you measurements to the green if you are behind it
  • Good battery life
  • Sleek and comfortable to wear

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The GolfBuddy WT5

TomTom Golfer (Dark Grey)You can buy the TomTom Golfer GPS watch in four amazing colors black, blue, dark gray and white. Use this cool gadget to the perfect shot and play with up-to-date course data. The design of the timepiece is light and slim and you can view your remaining distance to lay point.

Keep track of your distance, time of the round played, and score to view at a later stage. With the precise yardage readings to lay-ups, greens, and hazards, prepare you for the game. With the unique graphics, you will know the best way onto the green and receive updated information directly from your Smartphone to the watch.

The GPS watch comes preloaded with more than 30,000 courses to find nearby courses and holes. Reading the data displayed on the screen is easy with the large screen.

Receive important information of course layouts and time. The wearable is waterproof and the display is scratch-resistant. Connect to your Smartphone via the Bluetooth connectivity.

Use the rechargeable battery up to 10-hours in GPS mode and charge it via your computer with the USB cable. Further, you receive a one-year limited warranty.


  • Simple to use
  • Elegant to wear all day
  • Easy to read the display in bright light
  • Accurate readings
  • Battery lasts long between charges
  • Has an alarm
  • Strap has a magnetic clasp


  • The hazard distance screen is difficult to read

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The GolfBuddy WT5

For the best golf GPS watch, the GolfBuddy WT5 is everything you need in a rangefinder. When it comes to stylish colors, you can buy up to three different styles black/blue, charcoal/gray, and white/orange.

The watch has amazing features from GPS tracking, distances to back/middle/front of the green, targets, & hazards to save strokes, auto course/hole recognition, and a dynamic green view for yardage approach from every angle.

With the comfortable and stylish fit, you can wear this timepiece throughout the day. A standout characteristic is the moveable pin placement by pressing a button. The watch functions digitally and has a rechargeable battery.

Keep track of your score with the digital scorecard and the wristwatch comes preloaded with more than 35,000 maps.

The model is waterproof and the battery power lasts up to 8-hours when used in the golf mode and 35-days in time mode. Include a 12-month warranty.


  • Excellent battery
  • Has buttons and not a touch screen
  • Shows large yardage numbers
  • Charges quick
  • Automated time update
  • Comfortable
  • Sleek and lightweight


  • Only comes with a USB charging end and does not charge with a wall charger

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The SkyCaddie Golf Watch

The SkyCaddie golf watches you can only buy into stylish color designs black or white. The positive part is you do not need to pay annual or subscription fees for a lifetime.

With the athletic style, the wristwatch is lightweight and flexible to wear during the day or night. The watch fits secure on the wrist with a locking buckle and the band is comfortable to wear. The screen measures 1.05-inches and makes it easy for you to read the front/center/back of the green distance and auto updates as you walk.

Track your location, time, speed, laps, pace, calories burned, distance and more with the built-in odometer. This shows you the SkyCaddie is perfect as a GPS sports watch as well.

Further, you can keep score with digital scoring and it has a stopwatch, alarm, measures shot to distance and have a backlight.

The watch is water resistant up to 30 meters and the best rangefinder you can buy. Download data directly from your computer as this wristwatch is compatible with Mac and PC. The manufacturer provides you with a one-year warranty.


  • Comfortable
  • Accurate distance reading
  • GPS works well
  • Battery life is perfect for 18 holes


  • Takes a while to find the satellite

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The Garmin Approach S6

Garmin Approach S6, LightFor a high-resolution touchscreen timepiece, the Garmin Approach S6 is the best golf GPS watch available on the market. Choose from stylish designs white, dark black/white and black orange to wear all day.

The screen you can read in the sun and is glove-friendly with a color display and resistive touch when used. Calculate how hard your swing is to train to swing consistent. For calculating your swing tempo, this watch has it all.

See blind shots as it pinpoints you in the correct direction when unable to view the pin or touch any point on the screen to show your distance to the green, hazard, or fairway. The lithium-ion battery you can recharge and lasts up to 20 weeks used in watch mode and 10-hours with GPS.

The model has a full-color CourseView map preloaded with more than 35k courses around the world. Find the accurate yardage or direction with the CourseView button and pin position you do manually. Receive notifications directly to the iPhone or iPad via text, alerts, and emails.

The amazing thing is you receive a one-year limited warranty and a great rangefinder to improve your golfing skills. You can buy an extra charging base if you do not want to use your computer.


  • Has a fantastic screen
  • The display is bright and easy to read
  • Small enough to carry around in the pocket or hook to the bag with the clip included
  • Battery life is good


  • The screen leaves fingerprints and can cause problems when using the touchscreen

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Final Thoughts

The market may be flooded with golf rangefinders and interesting gadgets to help improve your game of golf. However, if you use the best golf GPS watch you have everything you need available on your wrist.

The reviewed models available are easy to use, comfortable to wear and provide you with the important information needed to make the best shot.