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The Adams collection of golf clubs come highly recommended by different handicap golf players.

They are popular among professional player and used regularly on the PGA Championships and Nationwide Tours.

When you buy the best Adams Golf Clubs, you are looking at the finest hybrid irons, stands and carry bags.

Here you will find the reviews of the top rated Adams golf clubs to find one best suited to your handicap.

Best Adams Golf Clubs Review

Whether you need combo sets or individual irons you can find the top of the range brand right here.

Get yourself the best Adams Golf Clubs here to improve your golfing skills and find the #1 golf club available on the market.

Adams Golf Blue Combo Irons Set

Adams 2015 Blue Combo Iron Set 7-PW True Temper Dynalite 85 Steel Regular Right Handed 37.0in

The Adams Blue Combo Iron Sets designed for you to make your golf fun and friendlier. With the Velocity Slot Technology, it makes these irons more flexible with enhanced speed on impact with every shot.

Further, the club gives a low-back CG with flight shots. Choose your hand orientation as the combo sets made up of a 3 and 4 Hybrid Irons with a 5-PW Iron. The shaft material used is graphite hybrid and graphite irons.

Further, it has a SlimTech shaft for easy launch with a .350-inch tip. The heads of the golf club have a decent size and do not appear too big or small. The 3 Hybrid has a length of 40.75-inches with a 59° Lie and a volume of 125.

While the 4 hybrid measures 39.75-inches and has the same degree Lie with volume as the 3 hybrids. When you look at the 5-PW Iron, it has a 45° Loft with an offset of 3.7mm and graphite length of 35.75-inches. The Lie on the PW is 64.5°.

What You’ll Like About This Golf Club:

  • Makes your game enjoyable
  • You hit straighter and longer distances
  • Hit higher with a straight consistency
  • If you lack speed these irons work well
  • Great deal for this price

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Adams Idea Super S Iron Set 5-PW Matrix Kujoh 85 Iron Graphite

Adams Idea Super S Iron Set 5-PW Matrix Kujoh 85 Iron Graphite Regular Right Handed 38.5in

Another one of Adams amazing golf club sets is the Super S series. The set consists of a 3 & 4 hybrid with a 5-PW Iron. These irons will help you to hit longer, straighter and consistent compared to your old irons.

With these hybrids, you will have fun playing golf as you easily reach long shots on the toughest pitch. Choose your hand orientation right or left as Adams has the right set you need. The shafts made from steel and have a regular flex.

Adams used a new design method as the Super S irons use a half-hollow construction blending the features of an iron and hybrid into one.

Further, it has a 2% thinner face to help increase the ball speed. You can buy the set ioftwo options to pair with the hybrids and Super S hybrids or pair it up with a Super LS hybrid. The 3 club has a 19° Loft with a 57° Lie and measures 40-inches.

The swing weight of the 3 iron is D1 while the 4 club has a length of 39.25-inhes and a 22° Loft with a 57° Lie. When you look at the PW, it has a 44° Loft with 63.5° Lie and measures 35.75-inches with a D3 swing weight.

What You’ll Like About This Golf Club:

  • You hit a good sweet spot
  • Great feel in the hand and looks great
  • Affordable set


  • Not everyone will be pleased with the shiny finish

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Adams Golf Women’s New Idea Tech Hybrid Irons For Women

 If you have a slow swing speed that is below 85 mph, you need the Adams Idea Tech Hybrid Iron Set for women. With these irons, you can easily find the distance you have lost. The irons have an advanced barbell-shaped slot found in the crown section. This helps reduce the stress and increases the deflection at impact.

With this new design, the hybrid irons give you a faster and longer swing. The shaft of the irons is made with Fubuki Graphite and True Temper Dynalite 85 R/S-Flex Steel. It has an external 48-gram weight to the back of the iron to give you a great launch with better spin.

What You’ll Like About This Golf Club:

  • Helps improve your game
  • Great design
  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Outstanding consistency


  • Has a lack of feel when making short shots

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Adams Idea Black CB3 Iron Set 4

Adams Idea Black CB3 Iron Set 4-GW Steel Right Handed 38.0inAdams Idea Black CB3 Iron Set 4-GW Steel Right Handed 38.0in

To help improve your golf game places your hands around one of the best Adams golf club set. The set is made up of 4-6 hybrid irons, a 7-PW and GW iron. The iron shafts constructed of 8620 carbon steel with a triple milled cavity, grooves, and face.

The cavities designed deeper and have a multi-layer badge with a thinner face and lower centre of gravity. The sets completed with a black NI/CR PVD finish and have a glass beaded face to give it a dazzling look.

For ease of hitting with a long, iron the sole widths wider for making accurate shots.

What You’ll Like About This Golf Club:

  • Fantastic design
  • Easy to hit
  • Long and soft
  • Durable and gives you exceptional forgiveness when taking swings
  • The stiffness of the shaft is more controllable


  • You need to adjust your wedges as the 4 and 5 irons can get snagged when making a backswing out of the rough

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Adams Golf Red Hybrid Club

Adams Golf Red Hybrid Club, Right Hand, Graphite, Stiff, 40.5-Inch, 18-Degree

The Adams Golf Red Hybrid gives you versatility as it has a smaller 95cc head to make difficult shots easier. The upside-down head brings a lower centre of gravity and helps you make the launch easier for a positive swing.

The hybrid has Velocity Slot Technology giving a fast speed even when making off-centre hits.

Further, it has Ghost Slot Technology on the crown of the iron. There are three transferrable weights found on the sole with one 25g and the other is two by 2g.

This is a great feature as you can configure them according to your needs.

What You’ll Like About This Golf Club:

  • Easy to control the flight
  • Can maneuver shots easily
  • Reliable
  • Customizable
  • Versatile sole with a stable head
  • Great design


  • Has a small head so may not give you the forgiveness needed

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Final Thoughts

When it comes to playing an enjoyable round of golf, you need the best. This is where the stand out for all the right reasons. They are affordable to buy and versatile to use.

You can buy a set of irons for both men and women for different levels you play. The irons are durable and look great in your golf bag.

However, if you need something different make sure to read our reviews on the Strata golf club.

Still in doubt…Check out this videos of the Adams Golf Clubs in Action